Hey men, it’s ok to care now!

Masculinity and the environment. Two of the most fragile things on earth. Just kidding. But do they have anything in common? Or more importantly, should they? According to recent studies zero-waste and other environmental movements are overwhelmingly more popular with women than men. And researchers think it has something to do with masculinity. Overwhelmingly more... Continue Reading →

Laughter in the face of adversity – comedy fundraiser for social justice and mental health advocate Alex Pirie

Comedy and cancer are not usually words associated with one another, however, the two will come together for a good cause at the upcoming comedy club fundraiser for social justice activist and mental health advocate Alex Pirie. As an activist Alex might be experienced in putting up a good fight but now he is fighting... Continue Reading →

Realising the Rising Sun dream with Aru Singh

From his first introduction to comics as a child in Fiji, to director of comic publishing company  Rising Sun's Oceania branch, Aru Singh has spent his entire life reading, writing and creating. He discusses the series of fortunate and unfortunate events that led to where he is now, the importance of storytelling and why he is fond of comics as an artistic outlet.

Bringing comedy to the naughty North – a conversation with Oliver Scripps

Whangarei-born comedian Oliver Scripps has recently returned to his home town after living in Wellington for a number of years. Now he's bringing back a slice of the capitals comedy scene with the establishment of the monthly Naughty North Comedy Club held at The Butter Factory. Oliver describes himself as a 'grade A shit talker,' and chatted to On the Record about how he found his way into comedy, the lessons he’s learnt along the way and this one time he found himself naked on stage in front of a crowd of 120 people.

From taking the piss to taking it seriously — Michael Botur’s self-publishing journey

With a raft of self-published short story collections, a teen dystopian novel and work published in New Zealand's top magazines, newspapers and journals, Northland-based indie author, Michael Botur, knows what it takes to break into the literary world. Now he is on a mission to share what he has learnt with other writers, in what can sometimes feel like an undervalued and over-crowded industry.

Twenty questions with comedian Josh Davies

For award nominated comedian Josh Davies, his biggest strength can also be his biggest weakness.

He discusses the advantages and disadvantages that come with being a nearly fully blind comedian mostly working in dimly lit bars, his bleak, anecdotal style of comedy and a unidentifiable ceramic ornament he is inexplicably fascinated by.

Twenty plus questions with comedian Ray O’Leary

After a lengthy discussion about which coffee shop was cooler to meet in, old university friend, comedian and 2017 Billy T Jams nominee, Ray O’Leary, agreed to give On the Record the exclusive on his career in comedy, his disdain for post credit scenes in films and his secret love affair with Excel spreadsheets - and it's all on the record.

Twenty questions with comedian Rhian Wood-Hill

From actor, to sales rep, to professional poker player, Wellington-based comedian Rhian Wood-Hill has taken some gambles in life which he shares with a combination of roguish charm and compelling storytelling. Rhian took an hour out of his chaotic life to reflect on his tumultuous journey into comedy, being called out on a high school crush years later and his fondness for a bet.

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